Story - Amylu Foods


Yes, there really is an Amylu! A pioneer in the chicken sausage category, Amylu’s grandfather, Leon Tiahnybik founded Leon’s Sausage Company in Chicago in 1924 to share the Old World recipes that he’d brought with him from Europe with his new country.

Amylu started learning traditional European sausage making from her Grandpa Leon while she was still in grade school. She would take the el down to the plant in Fulton Market after school and then drive home with Leon at the end of the work day. She loved working side-by-side with her grandfather, and it was then that she discovered her passion and talent for making delicious and creative sausages.

Fast forward to 1992, when Amylu began research and development on chicken sausages that were grounded in the Old World artisan sausage-making that she had learned from her grandfather. It wasn’t easy, and it took her two years of experimentation in her kitchen before she was ready to introduce the Sausages by Amylu brand in 1994.

Today, Amylu Foods continues to manufacture a wide range of traditional ethnic and specialty sausages, in addition to the full line of exciting Amylu’s Chicken Sausages, Chicken Burgers and Chicken Meatballs.


Grandpa Leon left his native Austria, moved to Chicago, and opened a sausage manufacturing plant called Leon’s Sausage Company on the city’s Near West side.


Leon’s son, Irv, expanded the business into a successful meat processing facility, and the full line of Leon’s Sausage products were sold throughout the Midwest.


Leon’s granddaughter, Amylu, purchased the company and became the third-generation owner.


Purchase of Slotkowski Sausage, another Chicago based company with a long history of producing high-quality sausage products in the Old-World tradition.


After two years of R&D, Amylu launches her Sausages by Amylu all-natural chicken sausage line.


The premiere of Meatballs by Amylu, a unique culinary twist on the average everyday meatball.


Company name changed to ATK Foods Inc. to reflect the broad range of food products being created.


Amylu’s creativity inspires the creation of Burgers by Amylu, a line of uniquely-flavored fully-cooked chicken burgers.


Company changed its name to Amylu Foods to encompass the broad range of product offerings that now go well beyond the Old World sausages the company started with.